Super Simplifier is a personal superannuation account offering a broad investment choice.
Additionally, it now offers three insurance cover options for members: Life and Terminal Illness cover, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover, and Income Protection (IP) cover.

*Super Simplifier issued by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited (ETSL) ABN 50 055 641 757 AFSL 229757, is a personal superannuation account enabling you to build your preferred investment strategy in consultation with your authorised Financial Adviser.


Your super monies can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle, so make sure it’s well looked after. With your Super Simplifier member account, you and your Financial Adviser have the flexibility to decide how these monies are invested to best meet your investment and retirement needs.

Get access to ASX300 listed securities, ETFs, managed funds and term deposits. You also have the option to arrange an off-market (in specie) transfer of shares in and out of your account.

Your employer can make contributions directly to your Super Simplifier account, and amounts can also be transferred in from other super funds. Keep all your super together to easily invest, track and keep costs down.

The Super Simplifier cash account interest rate is expected to be the official cash rate minus 80 basis points.

Adding to your super is also simple! You can make contributions via bank transfer or regular contributions via a direct debit arrangement. Super contribution rules can be complex, so you should speak with your financial adviser if you intend to add more to your super account.

For Financial Advisers, click here to find out more.


While you’ve been working hard, your Super Simplifier super account has been too! Now that you’re ready to ease into retirement or retire fully, you can convert your Super Simplifier account into a Pension account. This means you can elect to draw a regular income from your Super savings, so you can work less (or not at all) and enjoy more.

There are two types of pensions available:

  • an Account Based Pension – where you’re only subject to a statutory minimum amount that you must be paid each year; or
  • a Transitional to Retirement (TTR) Pension – where you must be paid between a statutory minimum and maximum amount.

With both types of pensions, you can choose the amount you receive between the minimum and maximum if any, and how often you receive these payments. Please discuss your options with your Financial Adviser.

Just like your Super account, your Pension account continues to be just as flexible, transparent, and invested the way you and your Financial Adviser has agreed.

Insurance NEW!

Super Simplifier insurance is to provide you with the option of obtaining cover to help ensure that you and your family are financially secure in the event of a serious injury, illness or death. Super Simplifier insurance is optional.

Your adviser can provide you with information relating to the insurance options that are right for you, with Super Simplifier offering Life and terminal illness, TPD, and Income Protection cover.

These types of insurance can protect your financial position should certain health or death event occurs.

Please speak to your Financial Adviser about your insurance needs.

For Financial Advisers, click here to find out more.

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