New Exchange on The Block

New Exchange on The Block

A fintech closely aligned with financial advisers announced the addition of managed fund exchange platform uXchange to its offering.

Fintech firm MA Operator has launched “uXchange” to provide financial advisers with simple, low-cost access to managed funds for their clients, while providing an alternative to traditional wrap platforms.

uXchange will offer access to a range of registered domestic and global funds, which are selected based upon adviser and client demand.

No Conflict of Interest

uXchange can be accessed via the MA Operator front end. MA Operator, which was launched last year, is a wide ranging fintech solution for advisers.

The platform is unconflicted as it is not aligned with any bank, product issuer or other financial institution.

High Net Worth Appeal

“Advisers moving away from platforms can save their clients a lot of money in fees while still easily including managed funds within their portfolios.” said Shannon Bernasconi Managing Director at MA Operator.

“High net worth clients in particular, increasingly balk at the fees associated with wraps and platforms, there is no ongoing fee associated with uXchange – it’s transaction fee based.” added Bernasconi.

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