Simple Low Cost Accessibility to Managed Funds 2022-07-11T16:34:56+10:00

Simple, low cost accessibility to managed funds from Dash

A true alternative with a zero ongoing % fee platform.

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Zero ongoing % fee

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Transaction only fees and low cost accessibility.

No conflicts of interest

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We are not bank aligned and the approved products are based on client demand.

Accurate data reporting

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Transparent and accurate reporting and data extracts to your accountant.

A true alternative to access managed funds

Our offering allows advisers to use managed funds in their investment strategies without the burden of paperwork or the high costs of administration.

An IDPS-like service for advisers and their clients from Dash

uXchange enables advisers and their clients to buy and sell managed funds as easily as a listed share. The fees are per transaction and capped. The approved products are based on client and adviser demand.

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