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Archer is a goals-based modelling tool with optimising capabilities. It enhances your client engagement and is a paraplanner's dream come true.

Archer is available in the DASH Advice Marketplace as an advice tool on its own, or fully integrated into your current tech stack.

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Join our growing contingent of financial advisers who are using optimisers to revolutionise their client experience and projections.

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Why optimisers? A calculator requires a human to determine the strategy, down to the exact dollar or pre and post-tax contributions required for the clients, for every year of the strategy.

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An optimiser only needs to know how much surplus income to allocate to the retirement goal, it uses an algorithm to do the rest.

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"With DASH we’re able to move very quickly and ensure every portfolio is optimised across a large client base. It’s orderly, process-driven and was made easy to implement through professional support."

Keith Bensley, Future Assist

"DASH enables us to manage our clients’ portfolios in a systemised way. It reduces implementation time because we don’t have to trade manually any more, it’s all automatic. Nothing is ad hoc, and everything is on one system."

Steve Woodford, Frontier Financial Group

"DASH's managed account and SMSF solutions have helped us deliver best outcomes for our low and high balance clients."

Nigel Baker, Arch Capital

"Thanks to the DASH team for creating such great products. They were able to swiftly use our API for life insurance product comparisons and create a useful web application in no time - these are software developers you can count on."

Trishanth Chandrahasan - CSO

“I found DASH after trying many different software solutions, which all were trying to be ‘the one’ solution. DASH has been great as I can connect the software I need and build the advice software which works for me. The support has been excellent and the fact that I can import my Astute Wheel data straight into DASH to then use in the SOA and ROA has saved me significant amounts of time per client, as no more re-keying data! The SOA and ROA are also the most client friendly documents I have found and the feedback from clients has been excellent. I highly recommend DASH.”

Stuart Roe, Roe Financial

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